What is The Alternative Travel Project?

The Alternative Travel Project is a global initiative to encourage people to GOcarFREE for just one day.

ATP also encourages public planners and policy makers to provide safe, viable alternative travel infrastructure to support alternative travel choices.

ATP aims to create a worldwide community of people looking to enjoy the social, health and environmental benefits of car-free travel. ATP believes that the steps an individual takes toward alternative travel, even for a single day, can have a global impact. While cars are often a necessary part of our modern existence, they don't have to be a part of our EVERY day.

ATP highlights opportunities for individuals to volunteer days outside the bubble of their cars and move into an integrated, powerful and positive future for themselves, their community and our planet as a whole.

ATP was founded in 2010 by film & television actress Stana Katic. The initiative has now grown to include a team, bringing together a range of specialized skills, allowing us to provide more information to participants and a greater resource pool to help grow the project.

We truly believe that by making the simple choice to use alternative transport for just one day, our community of followers can create a reverberating effect across the planet. Ultimately we hope to make currently 'alternate' modes of transportation a part of daily life. 

Join us and GO car FREE for one day.
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